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This is Markus Egger's private web site. It is used by Markus as an archive for his works, and to share his experiences both in technology and in his travel adventures.

Poke around, read some articles, check out the podcast and the blogs.

Note: Markus Egger is the President and CSA of EPS Software Corp. and its associated brands and companies, such as CODE Magazine, CODE Online, Xiine, Tower 48, EPS Austria GmbH, JockTock, and others.

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Markus on Development and Publishing

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New Technical Papers

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Things I recently checked off my Bucket List

  • Shop at a floating market in Bangkok  2/11/2013
  • Ride an Elephant  2/4/2013
  • Get a nice camper van to tour Europe  2/1/2013
  • Dive with Whale Sharks  4/9/2012
  • Dive at the Great Blue Hole in Belize  4/6/2012
  • Dive at the Barrier Reef in Belize  4/2/2011
  • Swim through an underground river system  4/1/2011
  • See old Japanese Culture  11/25/2010
  • Visit Akihabara ("Electric Town") in Tokyo  11/23/2010
  • Visit Modern Tokyo  11/23/2010
  • Eat sushi in Japan  11/22/2010

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Markus on .NET Rocks!

On Friday, March 26th 2004, the Internet Radio Talk Show for .NET developers - ".NET Rocks!" - invited me on the air for an interview. This turned into the longest .NET Rocks! show ever recorded (at least up to that date). You can listen to the recorded MP3 file, either by downloading the show either from the .NET Rocks site (, or from Microsoft's MSDN site ( Also, just in case these sites ever disappear, I took the liberty to mirror this show on my own server (click here to download).