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Monday, October 27, 2008
PDC Announcement: EPS launches CodeCast podcast

We (EPS & CoDe Magazine) just launched a new podcast called "CodeCast". CodeCast is a companion podcast to CoDe Magazine. This podcast also covers topics that are of interest to VFP developers looking to adopt .NET. This is a weekly podcast for CoDe Magazine. The RSS feed to subscribe is:


I (Markus Egger) am one of the CodeCast co-host, together with Ken Levy and Gary Short.

Each CodeCast show episode should be about 30 minutes even though this first one is about 44 minutes. The file download will typically be just under 100MB since it is recorded and in MP3 format at 320K bit rate for maximum voice and music quality, so it could be called CodeCast HD. (We will also make a lower bit rate available soon for those with less bandwidth).

The first episode introduces the podcast, the hosts, CoDe Magazine, as well as previews the PDC 2008 (Microsoft Professional Developer Conference) this week and several of the technologies expected to make an appearance at the event.

You can also follow the CodeCast on Twitter:

BTW: There is a special CoDe Magazine subscription offer for CodeCast listeners. Click here to get it.


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