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Saturday, April 15, 2006
Enjoyable Days in Orlando

It may have been a pain to get to Orlando, but I DID enjoy my stay there. Of course, I was there for a (pretty stressful) business trip, but still, it was nice. We stayed at one of my favorite conference hotels: The Hyatt Regency Grand Cypress. It may not be the world's greatest hotel, but it is a very nice hotel to combine a computer conference with pleasure. For instance, they have a very nice pool:

 Swimming Pool with Waterfalls

It guess the pool isn't quite as much of a draw for me anymore since we got our own cool pool (with waterfall and palm trees), but it still is pretty nice. We actually managed to spend a few hours at the pool this time around. (With the conference and trade show stress, we often don't even make it to the pool).

The hotel also has a few restaurants. Forget Cascades and the White Horse Saloon. They just aren't worth it if you ask me. However, Hemingway's is very nice. I have been there for lunch and dinner numerous times, and have always enjoyed it a lot. (Note: I have also been there with group-lunches, and those were disappointing for some reason). Hemingway's is a separate building from the hotel, down towards the pool.  In this picture, it is the building with the read roof above the pool in front of the hotel:

The exterior of the hotel, illuminated at night

This hotel also has the best brunch I have ever had (and I had quite a few). It is served on Sunday's only at the La Coquina restaurant. This is a buffet-style brunch, but what is so special about it is that the buffet is actually set up in the kitchen area. When I got there the first time, I was disappointed when I walked into the restaurant, because the buffet I saw was small, and there were very few people. But then we were taken into the kitchen, and boy, did things turn out well! They have 100+ items, from cheese to shrimp and sushi. They even have 6 (or so) different dishes that they prepare to order. The last time I was there, I ate buffalo and lamb in addition to the 100+ items on the buffet. And the quality of everything is excellent.

So it you ever go to this hotel, don't miss this brunch! Note that you will need reservations. And if I were you, I'd make those reservations ahead of the trip. They only allow for a very limited number of guests (which is why the restaurant appears half empty during the brunch).

Unfortunately, we missed the brunch this time, because I was presenting all day on Sunday. Bummer. But we will be back!

The good news is that we had some other great food while we were there. For instance, we went to Roy's, which is a Hawaiian fusion restaurant. The food was excellent! The next time we go to Orlando I will go out of my way to go there again. We also went to Amura, one of my all-time favorite sushi restaurants (which just happens to be right next to Roy's). Long story short: The food was excellent there! But this dinner deserves its own post, since this was the Olympic bet dinner I won!


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RE: Enjoyable Days in Orlando
Sunday, April 16, 2006 5:49 PM by wOOdy

Duh... You always get all the fun ;) But I have to disagree: The White Horse Saloon is really quite good , especially because they have life Country-Music playing... Of course since you're not into that kind of music (even though you're living in Houston!), this doesn't count too much for you....

RE: Enjoyable Days in Orlando
Monday, April 17, 2006 7:00 PM by Markus -

True. The salon can be fun for that (although as you state correctly, I am not a huge country fan...). However, if you go there for a quick bite, you will be surprised how expensive the food is...

RE: Enjoyable Days in Orlando
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RE: Enjoyable Days in Orlando
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