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Tuesday, June 03, 2008
General Milos News

During the week of May 5-9 EPS have hosted the first Milos University training course at the EPS Houston office. The first half of the event was lecture style, presenting the core aspects of Milos, such as its architecture and main components for the data, middle, and UI tiers, and lots of new features have been shown, such as our first components for building WPF applications with Milos, framework components and tools for building service-oriented applications (using WCF), the new DataLoadController component for improved usability and testability, the new framework for unit and integration tests of middle-tier components, the new logging and exception publishing/handling components, new components for building ASP.NET web applications, etc.

The second half of the event was hands-on, and a WinForms application was built with every attendee going through the entire process, step-by-step, including writing unit and integration tests for the middle-tier classes. This sample application will be cleaned up and made available for people to download and play with it soon.

Today we are also rolling out a new version of Milos components, including updated whitepapers and tools. If you are a Milos user, you will be getting the updates through email.

Below is a list of some important things included in this new build.


  • Components for building WPF applications using the well-known architecture available in other Milos user-interface components, such as multi-threaded data loading operations, ease-of-use data binding, etc.

Milos Services

  • Components and tools for building service-oriented applications (and WCF) with Milos.


  • Improvements for data binding all around
  • A new data edit panel which mimic WinForms style edit form development more closely on the web
  • JQuery support
  • Integrated resource handler
  • Overlay panel for client side dialogs


  • A SimpleListPane class to handle panes that launch edit forms.
  • Added capability to work with new DataLoadController



  • Added simple support for deletion business rules
  • Added full support for serialization of business entities


  • Improved service for saving byte array data (such as Bitmaps)
  • Implemented ExecuteScalar method. It supports queries such as "SELECT Column FROM Table WHERE Field = Value", and it'll always return the value of the first column, in the first row, in the first table (in case the query returns more than that). Notice that the XML Data Service does not currently support queries with aggregators, such as "SELECT Count(*) FROM Table".
  • The service is now read-write when working with data as “embedded resource”. This means that the data can be queried and updated, but that all happens in-memory, so whenever the application is restarted, it uses the original data.


  • This framework has almost been written from scratch, and it replaces the previous UnitTestFramework and IntegrationTestFramework components.
  • This new framework addresses several limitations found on the previous ones, and it adds a lot more hooks and features, allowing developers to easily achieve a good code coverage of their business objects and entities.

Code Analysis rules

  • Fixes to several false positives

Business Layer Designer (previous called “Business Entity Generator”)

  • Several bug fixes
  • Improved support for using either Generic or custom collections
  • Added support for applying any of the business rules that come out of the box to properties on the entity.
  • Added support for specifying a different base class for business entities.
  • Added support for specifying a Default Fields and Default Order for the GetList method on business objects.

There is a lot more to come, but we will save that for later.

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