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The Milos Solution Platform is .NET's premier platform for building business applications. This blog is meant for developers who use or evaluate Milos. This blog is used to share tidbits of information provided by the Milos developers at EPS. Many of the posts put the spotlight on new features. We generally recommend that all Milos users (developers) at least scan this blog to keep up with the Milos news.

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Friday, October 24, 2008
Some Enhancements to the Document Management Components

The upcoming build of Milos has a few small but important enhancements for the digital Document Management components.

Most important is the improved support for ASP.NET's routing framework (introduced with ASP.NET 3.5 SP1). This enhancement allows for an arbitrary download URL for file attachments in web applications. For instance, one can create the following URL (or any other arbitrary chosen URL):

A route and handler can be set up for this URL like so:

public static class RoutingSetup?
    public static void RegisterRoutes?(RouteCollection? routes)
        routes.Add(new Route("Downloads/{DownloadId}/{FileName}?", new FileAttachmentDownloads?()));

public class FileAttachmentsDownloads? : IRouteHandler?
    var handler = new EPS.Web.DocumentManagementUI.RequestHandler?();
    Guid downloadId = new Guid(requestContext.RouteData.GetRequiredString("DownloadId?"));
    handler.AttachmentId = downloadId;
    return handler;

Other enhancements include more automatically determined content types for web downloads (in particular XAML is of importance) and also a few added icons in the windows file attachment grids (MP3 and XAML in particular).


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Thursday, October 23, 2008
Background Style of Office Edit Forms

Milos edit forms in WinForms that use the office style usually render a background pattern similar to Microsoft Word or Excel. Some people ask to turn that off (and how to achieve that). It is quite simple, actually:

Office edit forms have a property called RenderOfficeBackground. If that property is set to false,  the normal background color of the form (whatever that property might be set to) is rendered, instead of the fancy Office background pattern.

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Thursday, October 23, 2008
Non-Key Auto-Increment Fields

Here's a small Milos feature addition that could be of interest to some people: We now support auto-increment fields that aren't key fields. In the past, we only supported such fields when they were in fact key fields (and there is quite a bit of functionality Milos has specific to that). In the latest version, such fields can be any field in the database.

Note that it only makes sense to expose such fields as read-only properties in business entities. Also, there is some additional work that needs to be done on the side of the developer to pick up the newest values generated by the database whenever such data gets saved the first time. (And of course, there is some overhead in database access and round trips that should not be underestimated).

Also, be aware that we do NOT recommend using this feature whenever the incremental field is used for business logic. Business logic belongs in the middle tier and not the database.

So this is a feature that may be valuable but it also should be deployed somewhat carefully. But there you have it: It's now supported.

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